Take Up Space: A Portrait Marathon Event

Hey all! I’m hosting a day-long portrait marathon!

WHEN: Saturday, March 2nd, 10am-8pm (15 min duration). Please arrive early so that all sessions may run smoothly.

WHERE: Overlook, a studio space at 155 Brackett Street, Portland, ME, 2nd Floor.

WHAT: 20+ downloadable, high-res images shared with you within two weeks via gallery link.

Please come however you feel most powerful and/or comfortable. Bring a small entourage to hop in photos with you, or to stand just out of the shot shouting compliments while you absolutely bring it on your own. Bring your cat and the housecoat with the daffodils on it, or come clad in nothing but glued-on sequins. Bring your partner, your best friend, your spouse, your genderless love bug, your favorite sibling, your big, round belly, your new persona that isn’t afraid of the limelight, your womxn, your children, or that childhood stuffed animal you’ll have till the day you die. Bring your shiny, your hairy, your diy, your emotional, your unique, dignified, strange self.

Take up space with me. Let me show you how the rest of us really and truly feel your light.

I am offering these sessions because I will be flying out from Chicago, IL to donate my photography services at a fundraising event for Speak About it and Planned Parenthood NNE, two organizations very dear to me, the night before. My attempt is to recover the cost of my travel through a small marathon of fun and colorful portraits that bring joy to the people who choose to participate in them, and bring visual representation to all kinds of bodies, all kinds of humans, and all kinds of joy.

If you would like to participate, but don’t have the financial means to, or, conversely, if you would like to sponsor someone’s portrait session who might not otherwise have the means to participate, please contact me.

Please reach out with any questions you may have! See you soon!

Email: robynnicolefilmandphoto@gmail.com / Cell: 207.415.5127.


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