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I believe visibility matters.


It’s at the heart of why I am a photographer—I love people. I love people and I believe everyone deserves to see themselves from the vantage point of someone who acknowledges that they uniquely beautiful independent of race, creed, orientation, gender identity, socioeconomic status, or any other superficial, socially-constructed measurement of value or success.

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I’m also a photographer because I love the complexity of existing, the brevity with which we all occupy space on the planet, and the special form of magic that is being able to slow the passing of time with the careful documentation of the present.

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Being a queer person informs my work as well, not just in that a large portion of my work documents queer and other marginalized identities, but also in that I recognize that professional photography services are a luxury, and that weddings themselves are a luxury. As a result, I enter every situation I am called upon to document knowing full well that, should I cease to exist, the supreme love, unbridled joy, and powerful individual(s) I am there to document would still shine brightly. I will never enter a room believing for a second that I am the most important person in a half-mile radius.

I will never behave as though that is true. I will not stop organic and significant moments to “get the perfect shot.” I will not arrange your body so much that you do not feel like or look like yourself. I will not pester you about adhering to time constraints or arbitrary traditions. I will not pressure you to do anything that makes you even slightly uncomfortable “for the ‘gram” or any other superficial reason (and I check in about your comfort often). I will not cull or airbrush photos of your gorgeous, guttural, double-chinned belly-laugh. I simply refuse to use my talents to uphold the systems of oppression that I have an ounce of control over in my work (insert 1-3 clapping emojis).

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I believe that when we create images together, we’re doing powerful work: you, in your assertion that you are worth being seen, being admired, feeling powerful, and taking up space, and me, in my honest documentation of your inalienable right to those feelings.

I lead with my personal politics because, honestly, they’re a highly-effective vetting process. I think that if you can make it through all that, come out the other side, and still be nodding vigorously into the third plate of pasta you’ve had this week while saying “YES. GIRL,” we’re going to get along FAMOUSLY.

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My civilian alter-ego is ALSO a social justice activist (surprise), but enjoys many things besides that, including but not limited to: 90s RnB, thrift stores, Micron pens, true crime, banana-flavored things, and an excuse to wear a costume to ANYTHING




“Incredible talent. So much fun to work with. Great personality. Fantastic suggestions on locations and what to do in pictures so you don't look like Chandler Bing in Friends when he forgets how to smile.

Emily and I agreed that the most important things for our wedding were the pictures and the food. We searched high and low for the best wedding photographer in Maine. We went through all of the obnoxious "Top Wedding Vendors of 2017" lists. We saw so many good pictures, but most of the pictures were your run-of-the-mill "this is what a wedding looks like" pictures. Then we found Robyn's instagram and wow. Pictures of people dancing like there isn't a photographer standing right next to them, people meeting each other, people laughing, guys making a quick stop at a liquor store, all of those little parts of the wedding that you'd probably think back on and say to yourself "I wish we got a picture of that," Robyn captures it all!






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Claire Chanis of @bakedbyclaire is a Portland, ME resident who specializes in small-scale gourmet cakes with the help of her faithful assistant (and pet cat) Olive. Not feeding an army, but still want to share a slice of actual heaven with your guests? Looking to disrupt the wedding industry and all its traditional vestiges, but still have a SERIOUS sweet tooth? Look no further.

PHONE: 207 329 0815


INSTA: @bakedbyclaire



Danielle Arroyo at Skillins Greenhouses in Falmouth, ME is a FLORAL POWERHOUSE. Flowerhouse? Danielle specializes in sustainable floral designs, thrives when you give her a little bit of inspiration and turn her loose, and favors LITERALLY carnivorous creations involving pitcher plants. When describing this particular work of art to me, she stopped short and said, “so, it’s basically a potion.” Let this rad queer support you in becoming the enchanted human of your dreams (and maybe pump some iron in preparation).