My name is Robyn. I am a midwest transplant living in Portland, ME. 

I was chasing my friends around with a camera well before they were an integral part of our phones. My first camera was an old Minolta that I inherited from my mother on a trip to Niagra Falls after she purchased her first digital camera. I didn't know a thing about photography then, but I knew that I had irrefutably become the new owner of superhuman powers. It's a sensation I still feel now; the feeling of being able to slow down time, relive moments in history, and magnify a touch between lovers from fifty feet away. 

I am a photographer because I love people. I love the complexity of existing, of spending a life with your best friend, of defying gravity on a trampoline with your little sister, of communicating a world inside a momentary glance. I believe that joy is easy to find and my greatest achievement is making it more visible to other people through my photography.

My civilian alter-ego enjoys roller skating, 90s R&B, and window-shopping downtown while repeatedly stating, "I can totally make that." 




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